I am a  teacher, trainer & speaker who works with associations, conferences, colleges and businesses both in and outside the US.

I blend parts of Eastern-based wellness traditions and thanatology into modern deathcare to help my clients offer their families a new level of service.

My independent work focuses on some of the by-products of grief: authenticity and resiliency.

One of my most-requested speaking topics is on Generational Marketing. I talk about resilient loss for professional audiences, and how changing views on death & dying in each generation impacts purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a designer and DUAL-CERTIFIED thanatologist.


I'm working to change the way we deal with and approach death in the United States. I do this through work with my clients, through my independent professional work, and through blending (seemingly) unrelated areas together to mine new techniques and applications.

Collaborate, don't compete.

Part of changing the way we deal with death involves a better grasp on what we leave behind after we die....our digital remains. I coined the word "Dremains" in 2009 to describe our online leftovers...the digital part of us that our left-behind loved ones still stay connected to.

I am a designer. Design-thinking is a part of all my work whether it is graphic-based or otherwise. 

what i've been up to recently:

I'm excited to share with you a special trailer from the MORTAL film, out now! Click here to learn more about this film.

Cole and Victor Imperi made the cover of the April 2015 issue of American Funeral Director Magazine.

Death, Wellness & Design

I'm interested in the intersection of these three areas. They are full of cultural, legal, psychological and monetary challenges. I am working toward solving some of these challenges through design.

Brand architecture 

My work in brand & identity development started at about the age of 16. It became my full-time job shortly after I finished college. I've developed brands and identities for clients in luxury, retail, deathcare, wellness, yoga, automotive, food, pet care, architecture and non-profit markets. 

Typeface Design & Lettering

Type is the foundation for all of my visual work. I'm a graduate of the Type@Cooper program and remember complaining about the font in the manual for my family's first DOS computer in 1992.